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HCG Diet Drops vs HCG Diet Injections: Which Process is Right for You

If there is one continuous, battle in the weight loss department it is the HCG Diet Drops vs the HCG Diet Injection battle. If you are currently, standing at a roadblock trying to decide whether you need to use the HCG drops or injection with your HCG diet plan you are in the right company.

Choosing the best HCG diet option can be difficult as both have their pros and cons and depend on your budget and lifestyle as well. The results in choosing the best diet drugs still left in your hands. However, we are here to help you with important information related to using both.

The important thing is you need to be comfortable with the HCG diet program without feeling stressed to make the diet a success.

Comparison between the HCG Drops and Injection

Before you can decide which of the HCD plans works best, you need to know the difference between the two:

The Homeopathic HCG Drops:

HCG drops you can buy from different retailers online and taken underneath the tongue. Placing it under the tongue helps the body to absorb it easier. By using the drops underneath the tongue is beneficial for you as there are different blood vessels found there.

The recommended dosage is 10 drops three times a day. Suppliers such as HCG Complex™ use the BioSource Labs to manufacture the weight loss drops in an FDA approved facility.

Their drops need no mixing prior to taking them and you do not need a prescription from your doctor to buy them. Further, they are not that expensive compared to using the injection. The drops are more appealing and the only downside is you must not eat or drink anything for 30-minute before and after taking the drops.

The Prescription HCG Drops

As the name implies, this HCG drops prescribed by your doctor and more expensive than the HCG Complex™ Drops. The reason for this is that this type of drops has a different formulation with a pharmaceutical rating and strength. As the FDA controls it, you need medical guidance from your doctor when taking it.

The big thing is that the drugs not prescribed for weight loss but reproductive treatment. The other difference is the way you need to prepare it for consumption:

  • You receive the prescription drops in an HCG powder form
  • Further, you receive a vial, reconstitution liquid, and a dosing dropper
  • You need to remove the cap from the liquid and pour the correct amount into the vial and swirl it with HCG powder to mix it
  • Then you need to place the vial in the fridge and keep it there until you need to use it
  • The use of the drops is similar to using the HCG Complex™ Drops and placed under the tongue

The HCG Diet Injection

When you do decide to use the HCG diet injection, you will need a prescription. However, we have noted websites selling it online. The injections expensive compared to using the HCG Complex™ Diet Drops. When ordering the injection online you need to mix the solution yourself and will need to know the exact mixing results?

The other concern with ordering the HCG weight loss drug online in the injection formula is, “how safe it is to use.” Using the injection is a pure form of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and does have negative results:

The other downside is if you are scared of using needles this option is not one of the best HCG Diet Program options to follow.

Final Word of Advice

In the end, choosing the method of losing weight with the HCG Diet remains a personal choice. If you need an easier way to lose weight, we recommend you choose the HCG Complex™ Drops. You will not need to mix the correct formulation compared to the prescribed HCG drops or injections. Further, you do not need to find a doctor happy enough to prescribe you the drug for losing weight. The HCG drops are easy to use with the provided low-calorie diet and have received the best reviews from different customers trying to lose weight. In addition, the best of all it is not a painful procedure compared to using the injection.