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How Genuine is Your HCG Drop: List of online HCG Drops Scams

HCG Complex Drops is a 100% Human Chorionic Gonadotropic drop manufactured by BioSource Labs LLC. However, there is one important question remaining are you using the genuine one available on the market? Yes, this is a vital question as there is only one pure drop available on the market and many have claimed and defrauded consumers into buying their miracle weight loss in a bottle.

Here we are going to show you a list defined by the US Food and Drug Administration and how you can spot the fraudulent seller of this product. However, before we get to the dirty laundry on scammers let us show you what is the correct HCG drop to use.

Where to buy the original HCG Complex Drop

As mentioned before the HCG Complex Drops made by BioSource Labs LLC. This American based pharmaceutical company’s’ well known for producing different weight loss medicine with great success. The HCG Complex Drops made in an FDA-regulated facility and the development of the products done by following the correct quality standards. Further, the ingredients used are on the FDA approvals list. Furthermore, HCG Complex stipulates on their website as you can see here in the following image that:

Therefore, if you want the solution to a successful weight reduction HCG Complex is the answer when following the low-dietary plan included with your purchase. Compared to other HCG drops sold on the market the BioSource Lab diet drop gives you three different diet plans to follow a 500-, 800-, and 1200-calorie diet with more positive results as the product is:

How to spot HCG Scams

In 2011, the FDA sent out seven joint warning letters to different firms selling HCG drops labeled as a homeopathic weight loss product. The reason for them receiving these letters is that they are violating the FDA and Federal Trade Commission Act. The products sold in the form of drops, pellets, and sprays and not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

List of Manufacturers Receiving FDA Warning Letters:

Most importantly, if you are not sure you are buying authentic HCG Complex Drops make sure to check for the following:

  • The HCG Drops needs to have a pharmaceutical grade HCG as it is one of the purest form of Human Chorionic Gonadotropic – many manufacturers dilute the HCG with other hormones and reduces the effectiveness of the product
  • Never buy the hormone drops from manufacturers outside the United States as the product does not meet the guidelines of the FDA and may contain microbes harmful to your body
  • The HCG Complex drops by BioSource Labs is made in an FDA approved facility and is a real HCG drop manufactured in the USA

Final Thoughts

If you want to try the HCG Complex, you will be buying a weight loss product following all the above important criteria. Further, you receive a 30-day money back guarantee and there is a contact number available for you to phone if you have any questions related to the product.