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Seven Crucial Realities of hCG

The use of hCG has been a very popular topic for many people these days. The virtual community seems to be overwhelmed with the things that hCg can do. Of course this includes the beautiful and negative truths about it. Whether it is weight loss, fertility or pregnancy, hCG can have something at hand to offer.

Understanding hCG is highly relevant. In fact, it is the very first thing that individuals ought to do before taking in any hCG product or before employing any hCG treatment or tool.

Well- listed below are the most relevant truths of hCG.

Reality #1: HCG (also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a body’s hormone that promotes and supports the development of ovarian eggs among women. HCG is also responsible for the secretion of egg during a woman’s ovulation. In most cases, it is used as a treatment to infertility problems among women. However, hCG has been proven helpful in increasing men’s sperm count too. This is through hCG injections and drops. In some cases, women who have gone into hCG injections for weight loss or fertility at some point of their lives might show “early pregnancy signs” even though they are not pregnant.

Reality #2: HCG injections gain more popularity as compared to the rest of the hCG treatments available in the market today. The reason behind it is unrecognizable. However, it is clever to guess that hCG injections might have offered better, safer and faster effects as compared to others.

Explicitly stating, hCG injections are being injected directly into the muscle or under the skin. Thus; with proper and sufficient knowledge of its procedure, it can be self- injected and can be used at home. This can only be done after being provided by your physician with the step-by-step procedure of how to do it and which part of the body to inject it.

There are hCG injections that are “powderized” and come with a separate liquid. To make it ready for injection, follow these steps. First, blend them together. Next, pour the dissolved solution into a clean and unused syringe. Then, place and store it in the fridge until you are ready to self- inject it. But, when these mixed hCG injections are not used or shot up within 30 days, dispose it immediately on the 31st day.

On the contrary, there is a kind of hCG injections that can give you a hassle- free shot. Yes, I mean prefilled single- dose syringes. These syringes are easier to use.

Reality #3: When using hCG injections, proper disposal of the used syringes and needles is highly advised by medical professionals. Specifically, you should utilize each disposable needle only once. Never recycle it. Aside from the fact that recycling these needles is unsanitary, it is hazardous as well. Never throw it directly in the regular trash bins. For home and children safety purposes, drop it in a puncture- proof bins or containers and keep it away from children’s reach.

Reality #4: Never utilize an HCG medication that has already discolored or those that have any suspicious particles in it. Instead, ask your doctor for a new prescription when any of this happens.

Reality #5: Despite the many wonderful benefits of hCG, HCG treatments must be utilized as per doctor’s advice. Overusing it should be avoided. At all cost, never use it in amount larger than what the doctor prescribes for you. Abuse of hCG can put your life into extreme danger.

Reality #6: In addition to the proper usage and administration of hCG, it is recommended to set an appointment with your doctor to ensure that the hCG treatment that you plan to utilize can really give you the most stunning benefit that you expect getting from it. Moreover, never miss any examination appointment.

Reality #7: Mentioned above was the role that HCG plays in improving fertility among men and women. Furthermore, HCG injections and drops have built a good reputation in enhancing the chance of getting multiple pregnancy. Specifically, one of the most popular ways to know whether or not you are expecting a baby is through hCG. HCG hormones begin to produce in a woman’s blood on the time the fetus is implanted into her uterus or approximately on second week of pregnancy.  Initially, the hCG level in the body flinches off extremely low during the first days of conception. The level is extremely small that pregnancy tests can detect. However, it doubles in the succeeding days of pregnancy. Therefore, in just a few weeks, the hCG level of a pregnant woman’s body climbs up to an extent that can easily be spotted in a woman’s urine. When a woman’s hCG level present in urine and serum sample goes beyond 5 mIU/ml hCG, she is expecting a new member of the family. Thus, double red lines are shown in urine pregnancy test kit.

Speaking of hCG level in an expecting mom’s body, hCG level differs from person to person. Thus, its level is unique in different pregnancies as well. However, here is a couple of useful points for you my friend.

Be extra careful when reading between the numbers. In the twelfth week of pregnancy, hCG level is never as significant as its upsurges in the ensuing days. There are some pregnancies that start with extremely low hCG levels yet end with a healthy baby birth. Basically, it is best to perform a pregnancy blood test three days after getting a positive result in urine test. This is done for the purposes of confirming pregnancy and monitoring your body’s hCG level as the baby grows inside your womb.

HCG doubling calculator can help you closely monitor your HCG level during pregnancy. This tool can be used as a guide. This aforementioned hCG doubling calculator lets you to type in and enter your blood tests values and calculates your doubling time instantly.

During the first month of pregnancy, the doubling of hCG level happens in every 2 days. As the fetus continues to grow and develop inside a mother’s womb, the doubling time also increases. This means that when the baby is six to seven weeks old, the hCG level of a mom’s body may double in 3 and a half days. Only 15% of the normal pregnancies have a doubling time of two or three days. On the contrary, only 83% of ectopic pregnancies have abnormal or unusual hCg level doubling time. For ectopic pregnancies, hCg doubling calculator can be best helpful.

The body produces higher level of hCG on the earlier days of twin pregnancies. However, it can fall away in a snap. So therefore, assuming something based on the hCG level alone is never a good idea. Here’s a thing. A high hCG level does not guarantee a twin. Again, assumptions based on the level is strongly discouraged. It is still best to see your obstetrician- gynecologist to know whether you are expecting a twin or not.

On the first trimester of pregnancy, the hCG level of the body usually doubles in two to three days. It may start out with 50 000 mIU/ml and ends with 300,000 by the third month.

Only 5% of the women can detect pregnancy as early as eight days of conception. Most women get positive pregnancy result in twelve days after conception. Furthermore, most women’s pregnancy is evident on the 28th day of conception. This is basically because, very little hCG is produced in the body at the early days of pregnancy.