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What List of Foods allowed on the HCG Diet

Are you planning to use the HCG Complex™ drops? Then you need to follow a strict low-calorie diet. However, the list of foods associated with the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet has been changed loads of times. For a detailed list of the foods you can eat with the weight loss drops, you can view it on the HCG Complex Diets website available here.

However, let us look at the different changes that took place since Doctor Simeon’s protocol.

HCG Weight Loss Plan Phase 2 Food List

Here you can find listed the original HCG weight loss plan Phase 2 according to Doctor Simeons protocol set up to the 500 calorie menu. Further, we have extended lists available as per the new HCG Diet Plan. In addition, to add to additional lists we have included Dr. Oz list of foods recommended for the HCG diet.

The Initial 500-Calorie VLCD Diet

Here is an image of the 1950 original HCG Diet list of foods published by Dr. Simeons. For a modern touch to the new HCG weight loss plan, you can skip down to the next section.

Original 500 Low-Calorie Diet
Breakfast: You can drink any quantity of tea or coffee, without adding sugar.

You are allowed 1 tbsp of milk during the day with Saccharin or Stevia

Lunch: Protein Foods – 100g chicken breast, veal, fresh white fish, crab, beef, shrimp or lobster. All the visible fat needs to be removed. You need to weigh the meat raw. You must boil or grill the meat or fish.


You are not permitted to eat tuna, dried or pickled fish, eel, or salmon. Further, you must remove the chicken breast from the bird.


You are permitted one vegetable type of the following: chard, beet-greens, tomatoes, spinach, chicory, fennel, celery, red radishes, onions, asparagus, cabbage, or cucumbers.


You can eat one Melba toast or a grissino breadstick.

Further, you can eat a handful of strawberries, apple, orange or 1 ½ grapefruit.

Dinner: You have the same option as lunch  (four choices)


The NEW HCG Weight Loss Food List

However, over years of studies done by numerous doctors, there has been a change in the food list recommended for the HCG Diet Program. According to Dr. Oz and Dr. Emma, a drastic change was needed in the weight loss program. They suggested following the subsequent food list:

Dr. Oz NEW HCG Diet Food List

The Expanded HCG Diet Food List

In the following section, you can find the expanded HCG Diet food list. This includes the recommended calories and weights per meal allowance. This does not include breakfast only lunch and dinner. The following items allowed per meal:

Expanded HCG Diet Food Item List

Here you can find a detailed list of food items with the average calories you can eat:

Expanded HCG Diet Food Item List

There are different categories of vegetable and fruits allowed on the list you can eat as per the table found here:


Vegetables Portion Calories
Asparagus 4 ounces 20
Beet Greens 1 cup 25
Broccoli 4 ounces 30
Brussels Sprouts 1 cup 50
Celery 1 stalk 5
Collard Greens 1 cup 25
Cucumber 8″ 15
Dandelion 4 ounces 50
Endive/Escarole 1 cup 10
Green Beans 4 ounces 40
Green Onions 6 small 25
Green Sweet Peppers 1 medium 20
Leeks 1/2 cup 16
Lettuce 1 cup 15
Radishes 4 small 8
Raw Cabbage 1 cup 25
Raw Cauliflower 1 cup 30
Raw Kale 1 cup 40
Raw White Onions 4 ounces 40
Red Sweet Peppers 1medium 25
Romaine Lettuce 4 ounces 25
Spinach 1 cup 10
Squash/Zucchini 1 cup 40
Tomato 1 medium 20
Turnip Greens 1 cup 45
Turnips 1 cup 55
Watercress 4 ounces 25
Fruit Portion Calories
Apple 1 medium 80
Black Berries 1 cup 62
Blue Berries 1 cup 83
Grapefruit 1 cup 40
Lemon 1 medium 17
Strawberries 1 cup 55

The same calorie count applies to the vegetables, as it does not include butter or salad dressing.

HCG Diet Food List for Phase 2 Recommendations:

If you do plan to follow the HCG Complex™ Diet Plan, they suggest if any of the food items do not agree with you the best is to avoid eating it.