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Buy the Best HCG Drops Here: Without Being Scammed

If you have struggled to lose excess weight, the likeliness is you have tried different weight loss trends. The problem is these weight loss fads come and go quickly.

The weight loss market is one of the biggest in demand markets, yet with all the products available very few of them deliver excellent results.

You have tried everything from working out in the gym, eating superfood to fad diets and still no results. With this in mind, the HCG Drops may just be what you are looking for.

We are here to help you with information on what the HCG Drop is and how you can buy this miracle, weight loss drops. There are thousands of online retailers selling this astounding weight reduction product but unfortunately, many customers met up with scammers selling them fake drop or never sending out the product what they paid for.

Do not be one of the millions tricked by scammers every day, stay a little longer and find out where you can find the best HCG Drops here.

What is HCG DROPS?

HCG refers to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is a natural hormone produced during pregnancies. During pregnancy, this hormone’s produced naturally and feeds your unborn baby. However, the HCG prescription described by doctors is mainly for patients to treat fertility issues.

So what does this hormone treatment have to do with weight loss? According to, she has customized the HCG diet with higher dosages with specific guidelines based on patient’s age and gender. Typically, you have two types of HCG weight loss supplements the injection or drops. However, most users prefer using the HCG Complex Drops and you still need to follow a strict 500-1500 calorie diet in combination with exercise to lose weight in a short period.

According to Dr. Emma the HCG, hormone changes the way in which you lose weight as it helps you to eat a little at a time. Once the HCG reaches your bloodstream it helps to take away your appetite. All the hormone does is offer you help, as the deficiency of the hormone is the reason that you gain weight.

Dr. Emma best advice for using HCG is with the injection prescribed by a doctor as it helps prevent loss of muscles while on the diet. The reason for this is it raises blood levels compared to using the drops, as the likeliness is it dissolves before reaching your blood stream to raise the blood levels.

However, there are users who have used the HCG Complex Drops with great results. In addition, as with any weight loss product, each one has its positives and drawbacks.

Now that you have information on the basics of this product there are different brands available online you can buy. With this in mind, you are wondering where you can buy the HCG Complex Drops. Let us show you!

Where can you buy HCG Drops without getting scammed?

The first and most obvious answer is to visit your doctor and the best choice. However, the doctor you visit needs to be open minded and willing to prescribe you the substance. When visiting a doctor the likeliness is you will receive the substance in an injection format. If in need of a subscription for the HCG Injection, you can visit anti-ageing clinics, sports medicine specialists or your doctor.

Buying the HCG Drops:

Buying the HCG drops consists of two main types the prescription HCG drops and the Homeopathic approach.

  • Prescription HCG Drops – this type of HCG diet drops works in the same manner as the ones you can buy over-the-counter, but are more effective. Your doctor needs to state the exact dosage you need to take on the prescription. Doctors normally prescribe this formula to obese people.
  • The Homeopathic HCG Drops – you can buy the HCG drops over-the-counter from any holistic shop or at certain pharmacies. The diet drops prepared by homeopathy companies and called Potentization that is a unique field of medicine and centuries old.

If you are not obese and only trying to lose a couple of pounds the holistic approach such as using HCG Complex Drop is the best approach and you can buy it directly online at the supplier from and receive a 30-day return on the product. However, before making your purchase makes sure to read their return guidelines.

Furthermore, if you are on the obese side we recommend you take the prescription approach and see your local physician for the best product recommended by them on the market.

The HCG Black Market

Personally, we do not recommend you look at the HCG Black Market as you can buy the weight loss drops both online and offline. The biggest concern is you need to know a reputable source to prevent being scammed. You can buy the diet drops from many different online businesses but unfortunately, many users have had bad results when buying from different companies online. Sometimes they do not receive their shipment; others had problems getting their money back while others had bad immune reactions when using the product.

So How Do you know you are not buying from a Phony Online:

 Check the country of origin – these days many fake diet HCG drops are imported, however, the real drops are manufactured directly in the United States

Look for a toll-free number on the website – if the supplier is selling the real product, you will have contact numbers available to discuss the important questions you want to ask them

Look for an outstanding guarantee – fake manufacturers do not provide you with a guarantee or return guidelines. Make sure to check the period of returning the product and if you receive a full refund.

Check testimonials – here the best option is to check if the testimonials have photos available of the user as anyone can write up fake feedback on a product they are selling. Look for real people and not images where everyone looks like models.

Buying Directly from the HCG Manufacturer Online

Many of the HCG Manufacturers provide you with an option of buying from them online or they will refer you to reputable online retail stores. Further, buying directly from the supplier they will protect your buyer’s interests. For you, this means if anything happens with the shipment, they take full responsibility to find the best solution in resolving the problem.

Buying from Online Pharmacies

There are thousands of online pharmacies available where you can buy the HCG drops from, however you need to be careful of the bad rogue pharmacies. Rogue Pharmacies pop up everywhere on a weekly basis and if you see, they are selling the product at prices too good to be true the best is to be careful. These pharmacies disappear over time leaving your credit card bill with costs and products not received.

However, you can still find few rogue pharmacies that have been around for a while. Listed below are some of the banned products..

Manufacturer/Distributor Name

Product Name

HCG Diet Direct, LLC HCG Diet Homeopathic Drops
HCG 1234 LLC (The hCG Drops LLC) Homeopathic HCG
HCG Platinum LLC; RightWay Nutrition HCG Platinum
HCG Platinum X-30
HCG Platinum X-14
Nutri Fusion Systems LLC HCG Fusion 30
HCG Fusion 43; Homeopathic Original HCG
Homeoapthic HCG HCG Extra Weight Loss Homeoapthic Drops
Natural Medical Supply Alcohol Free hCG Weight Loss Formula

The Best HCG drops on the Market 2018

We have done a thorough research on Google related to the best HCG Drops available on the market. We found three brands that have excellent reviews and compared it on Google Trends, HCG Complex, HCG 1234, and HCG Triumph. The HCG Complex has the greatest results on Google Trend compared to the other two best products. Here you can view an image of the best three product comparisons on Google Trend ranging from August 2016 to Jul 2018:

#1 – HCG Complex 

What makes the HCG Complex Drops from BioSource Labs the top seller

The HCG Complex Drops from BioSource Labs is one of the most reviewed diet drops available online at Amazon. Currently, Amazon is not selling the product anymore and you can buy it directly from the manufacturer here. The product is 100% natural and perfectly safe to use. When sold at Amazon and eBay statistics showed that it received 96% positive reviews from customers as you can see here:

Not only did it receive great reviews it is one of the most sold diet drops in the US Market with positive results. The great thing is you get a money back guarantee and you can try it risk-free. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can return it in 30-days and receive a full refund on your purchase, but best to read their return policy before making your purchase.

The Benefits:

Each bottle of HCG Complex has systematic instructions on how the product works and you can use it with 1200, 500, and 600-calorie protocol diet. With the HCG in the product, it will help dampen your appetite when following a low-calorie diet and exercising.

Further, it has the following ingredients that have positive results when losing weight:

 Panax Quinquefolium, L-Carnitine, and Vitamin B12 – that is a great benefit to providing your body with energy.

Arginine, Ornithine, L-Leucine – helps to protect your muscles while losing weight.

Fucus Vesiculosus with the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – that helps you to burn excess fat.

Nat Phos Cell Salts and Mag Phos Cell Salts – providing your body with the correct amount of PH Balance.

How does the product work?

When using the weight loss drops, there are three steps to follow:

You need to take the correct dosage

You must follow a 1200, 500 or 800 calorie diet plan

You need to take part in some form of exercise

Negatives of using the product:

The product is not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and proven clinical studies are limited on the product

Following a 500 calorie diet could cause serious problems for people weighing 330 pounds

This is not an instant weight loss program and you need to take the drops for 60-days

As you can see, the HCG Complex diet has its positives and drawbacks when used and results can vary from one person to another and best to consult your doctor first, before buying the weight loss drops. The recommended dosage is 10 drops three times a day totaling to 30 drops. The great thing is the products made in the USA and even while the FDA has not approved it, they use FDA approved ingredients.

The Competition

#2 HCG 1234:

Compared to the HCG Complex, HCG 1234 diet drops created Creative Bioscience was the runner up and contains none of the HCG hormones. The product worked for some users on Amazon and not for others. On Amazon, it received a 50% five-star rating for positive results as you can see here:

As mentioned, they do not use the HCG formula and use an artificial ingredient that achieves the same results. However, after a survey held in 2016, the FDA demanded the manufacturer to remove the component and change the ingredients resulting in a downgrade of value related to the product. Amazon and eBay are still currently selling the product online. These results show that the HCG Complex remains highly effective, safe, and popular to use.

#3 HCG Triumph

The last diet drop consisting of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the HCG Triumph manufactured by Triu Naturals. The product has several bioactive ingredients to help boost your metabolism and burn fat. For some users, it has provided great results. Although, it has many scientific results it does not have a reorder rate from customers. Overall, it received a three out five-star rating from customers who bought it directly from Amazon as you can observe here:

As with HCG 1234, the HCG Triumph has been asked to remove the HCG component by the FDA from the formula. This resulted in a negative value for the company and sales have dropped. Amazon has also removed the product from their list of weight loss drops and not currently selling it anymore.

Comparison Table for the Top Three Contenders

  • HCG Complex
  • $69.95
  • Very Fast
  • 5/5
  • 100%
  • 4.9/5
  • 100%
  • Highest
  • Risk-Free
  • 98% Positive When Sold Not Available Anymore
  • Read More
  • HCG 1234
  • $55.98
  • Very Slow
  • 1.7/5
  • Has Side Effects
  • 2.2/5
  • 57%
  • Below Average
  • Risk-Free
  • 44% Positive, Still Sold
  • Read More
  • HCG Triumph
  • $99
  • Very Slow
  • 1/5
  • Has Side Effects
  • 2/5
  • 44%
  • Below Average
  • Risk Free
  • 68% Positive When Sold Not Available
  • Read More


As you can see with the above comparison table HCG Complex is still the #1 seller online with amazing customer feedback. It is one of the safest weight loss drops you can buy and currently only sold directly from the manufacturer online. However, if you feel you would still like to try the HCG 1234 you can still find it sold at Amazon and if you are lucky on eBay. However, we do recommend you look at BioSource Labs HCG Complex Drops for the safest and best results in losing weight. It is the healthier option compared to other products sold online.